Oliver Reed, is a native of Rockford, IL. He is the President/Founder of Liquid R & B Inc. and (LRB Consulting Group).  Mr. Reed also works with various federal, state and local agencies and institutions partnering to incorporate evidence-based strategies to provide prevention services surrounding Violence and Gangs, HIV/AIDS, Opioids, Marijuana, Alcohol, in communities across the country. He assists urban and inner-city communities with learning the SAMSHA’s Strategic Prevention Framework and customizing it for their communities.  (e.g. Ohio, Wisconsin, Michigan, Washington D.C. Illinois, New York) Mr. Reed is a National Master Trainer, training organizations and institutions on best practices as it relates to prevention services; while collaborating with organizations to assist disadvantage African American communities that are financially challenged. Mr. Reed is also certified as a Substance Abuse Prevention Skills Trainer of Trainers. He incorporates an applicable evidence based SAMSHA learning model, which is a data driven outcome-based approach.  He has provided countless trainings on Recruitment, Building Capacity, Community Mobilization and Coalition Building.  Mr. Reed has also served as an Associate for SAMSHA’s Center for the Application of Prevention Technology (CAPT).  Mr. Reed has served Rockford through the Winnebago County Health Department diligently for over 20 years in the field of Substance Abuse Prevention and is currently the Director of Violence and Gang Prevention for the Boys and Girls Club of Rockford


Oliver Reed