Board Member 

Allen Murphy

Allen Murphy, is a Rockford native.  After graduating from high  school he left to attend an out of state university on an athletic scholarship. While there, like many classmates, he entered the military and served as a US Navy carrier pilot for over two decades. While in the service he held many leadership positions and developed a life time worth of knowledge in aircraft maintenance, transportation and logistics.

Allen flew in Jedda, Saudi Arabia during “Desert Storm’ as well as Bahrain, Turkey, Israel, Spain, Greece, and England, among other countries.  During his military career he participated in numerous workups and Western Pacific, Northern Pacific and Indian Ocean cruises, participating in rescuing Vietnamese boat people, the Iran hostage crisis, the Croatian conflict and as Commanding Officer and Executive Officer of VR-24 in the largest military logistics movement in history during “Operation Desert Storm”.

Since returning to Rockford he has become a small business owner and from his personal efforts is directly responsible for businesses investing over 300 million dollars in the Rockford region. A SWIFTT board member since 2008, Allen is a community advocate for jobs for the disadvantaged and veteran issues.
​ Allen is also the Chairman of SWIFTT's Membership Committee.